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Fat lady Beeville Texas finally retires

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Fat lady Beeville Texas finally retires

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Jacqueline Phillips, and I have spent about three hours together, sitting around this tan and green table, now littered with a copious amount of empty cocktail glasses. Although it can be hard to focus on the seemingly impossible triumphs for women even in just the past year and easy to stress the large amount of progress that undoubtedly still remains, glass ceilings around the nation, across the world, and even right here in the Coastal Bend are being shattered left and right. And as I take a moment to reflect and look around the table, I realize this is one of those triumphs.

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His success is due to his unaided efforts, a keen business sagacity, and a prompt and decisive way of taking hold of things. Fenner, who is also an engineer and surveyor. She never tired of helping anyone in need.

Madray spent many months going from home to home, from community to community, and from county to county. She also loved to travel with her daughters, going on different adventures across the country. NOTE: Source: In this little book, dealing with the early history of Bee and ading counties, is enjoyed by the pioneer men and women and their descendants as they read its s, I shall be happy, indeed.

It was empowering to watch as a group of hard-working women celebrate their hard work. Ruby was the backbone of her family and always had a smile on her face.

Ritchea-gonzales funeral home

Thomas Martin was appointed and held the office until December,when he reed. The subject of this sketch, by consent, left the parents' roof in March,and shipped with Jim Sparks, as conductor of a "prairie schooner," with three yoke of oxen, as motive power, from Fort Smith for California. Moody High School. She married her husband Christopher Keith Curlee on March 14, Over time, in major part due to our affiliation with the Art Museum of South Texas for which she is the Board Chairshe became more than just a head of luscious blonde locks.

After the Caslillos caught up with Welder on the road, there was apparently an exchange of hot words, during which Welder was murdered.

Past obituaries

He owned two blocks of land on which he planted corn and vegetables. He traveled on, reaching Gonzales on September 20, finding the river too high to ford. Sunday found him at Peach creek in Lafy county. Robert was a kind, generous, loving and happy man who will be greatly missed by his friends and family.

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Even when I ask if, at the end of the day, she looks at herself and what she has done with Chicas Rock and feels proud, she is hesitant to say yes. Rosaura looks at pretty much every aspect of life — be it her career, motherhood, the boards she serves on, etc. It was there she met her husband. His salt arrived next day. Hayes left Austin, although the ro were still bad, the mud being just stiff enough to pull heavy. What is anyone learning from that?

The senior Welder tried his hand in the mercantile business at Matamoros for a short time prior to his arrival in Refugio County where the family first settled at Live Oak Peninsula near Col.

On his retiring, he was succeeded by his son John S. She speaks slowly and eloquently. Philip Dimmitt and upon which they built a home. Robert Marion Prather was reared and received his early education at Cincinnati, Ohio.

The stream was on a rise, so he camped there for two days. Marsden's wife was, before marriage, Fannie A.

Foster, and his military services were in the Trans-Mississippi department and principally in Texas. How could you not be?

There was only one thing to do and that was to go up the river two miles to a shallow ford. The girls who make up the family created here are not only taught how to play the guitar rather impeccably, but also to truly understand that dreams are achievable no matter the fears or doubts you might have.

They made up the dough with the other ingredients, placed the dough on a wooden board, fihally "bread board," then beat it with a wooden pestle, or heavy piece of wood. Being a woman means taking on various roles — ones that are not necessarily exclusive, but can coexist. McClanahan told him of the different occupations he was engaged in. I learned a lot and cried a lot.

Biographies of bee county, texas

A baby was born to bless Mr. He has auburn hair and beard, streaked with gray; bright blue eyes, with a kindly light, and not infrequently a merry twinkle, as he recalls some incidents in his varied career; weighs pounds, and is as erect as a young Kentuckian of twenty-five; a good neighbor, a rehires friend and a God-fearing and law-abiding citizen.

He reached Beeville late in the afternoon, where he delivered some flour. In his history of Refugio County, Hobart Huson notes that the "first 'landed' possession of the brothers" in Refugio County was a tract of acres at the Shell Reef of the Aransas River, which they purchased from Capt. Was born in Hickory county, Missouri, December 30, There was no ferry, so the driver went down the stream 10 miles to Clinton and crossed, camping there.

Fenner are the retiree of nine children, six sons and three daughters, whose names are as follows: Henry, John S. John and Thomas Welder had accumulated lands in the Aransas River country which eventually ed the Castillo property. Hayes left camp early the next morning, traveling on without lunch in order to reach.

He owned a small bunch of cattle that grazed on the open range.

They have not allowed the idea that, because you are a woman, you must fit into only one box — career woman, mother, entrepreneur, etc.