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You sprained your sexy men who wants to kiss my toes

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You sprained your sexy men who wants to kiss my toes

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Total 0 votes Loading This is the story of my first foot fetish experience, I hold nothing back and will try and embellish nothing. First a very little background, I am 21 years old, and a lover of female feet. I have been seeing the girl in the story, Christine, for about 2 years on and off. We shared everything. Emn as friends, then transcending that line and into our sexual desires.

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I love you so much, I am sorry I have let things slide in the sex department. I would love to worship your feet all day! Your soles look very soft.

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After a few minuets pasted, I felt her toes sprainex once again, this time they curled like a fist, raking me with the tips and the spgained edges of her toe nails. I was in total bliss. She was there, moving to go me, her lips covering mine, with not so much as a hint of our customary hesitation, her tongue slipping past my lips. It looks pale and sloppy to me, but this was before I knew that the first coat looks like shit, no matter what.

Dee Answers: I recently bought a toe ring which is a blue butterfly made of gems, really beautiful and elegant, but the sad part is that I haven't had the chance to take pictures of me wearing it.

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A sexy 34C firm chest. You can contact me at lildee4you yahoo. Dee Answers: I don't have a foot fetish but I do enjoy incorporating feet into my sex life. My question - do you like women's feet, and if so, which part of the foot do you like best? Vinny Asks: Loved your photos at FeetFair!

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Luc Asks: Bonjour! I have this one stuffed animal that is extra soft and I always love to rub my tootsies on it. After about ten minuets, we left to get to food, which sucked, and stopped by the local mall so Christine could pick something up from her work. Dee Answers: I enjoyed every set but my favorite was the one that I am topless and wearing only the white shorts panties.

It became a race to see who came first, and she was winning it.

I started at her big toe, sucking it and licking it. Marcus Asks: Are you a flip flop wearer? I climbed on top, moving her legs to my hips. DD Arch Asks: You have sexiest feet on the web, i worship you.

I moved over to her other foot, the one with a bad ankle, and gently repeated my foot worshiping. All my friends on the net Spranied would die for their wife to look half has good has you look right now. I choose the style and usually by the time we are done and back home we are both so horny that we make passionate love. I climbed on the bed with her, kissing her neck, and her ear.

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Her friend just stared, but Christine shot me a smile, and flicked her toes again. ZulDdawn2k4 Asks: Little D, your Yok are very sexy and alluring.

We stayed in this position for a bit of time, the motion was pleasurable with a slow build up to us both cumming. She was a dream come true standing in front of me dress like that and on crutches. It covered what it was supposed to, but left a lot of flesh on show and total view of her broken leg. As I walked back, Ashley came towards me, saying something about a dinner request.

You obviously take great care of them. Dee Answers: I love wiggling spraine toes in my pantyhose because after a long day in the pantyhose, my feet feel stiff and need some air between the toes to make them feel less stiff. Kent Asks: Would you get into letting a guy sniffing your feet?

I would also include that it might be a fun experience to try out. Dee Asks: You are a very beautiful woman with very sexy feet.

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Nickjay Asks: Kisa you ever made a man lick his own cum off your feet. I asked her to keep digging, to tear up my back, the rush was intense. How did you notice that certain men are attracted to them, and how did that make you feel? I love foot massages so that is what I would like to have done to my feet.

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The way the cast followed the contour of her long leg made it look so beautiful. Alper Asks: Hi Little Dee! I also love it when you bit the sides of my soles and then lick with the tip of your tongue. I was not disappointed.

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Would you own me as a slave if I paid you? After you like spraines off completely clean I would make you peel open a banana and have you place it between my feet. Have you ever done this? The video clips should be out soon but you have to check with Adam on that.

Our hands soon found themselves fondling each others parts. My pace picked up, and soon I was pounding her hard. Lastly, I am totally into feet and ass. She leaned down kissing me, then biting my neck a bit.

Speechless Asks: I remember the first set they posted of you. After a check of her right foot, We both figured she sprained her ankle, and needed a doctor.